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Why I moved from WordPress to Showit

I stumbled upon Showit simply by chance towards the end of 2019 whilst perusing Pinterest. I can’t quite remember what I was initially searching for, but one link lead to another and I was blown away by the beauty that can be created on the platform.

If you are unfamiliar with Showit, it’s a website platform with unparrelled design capabilities. You can literally drag and drop your content anywhere; resize, angle the text any which way and how, and most importantly – there is no coding needed!

Who is it for?

Initially Showit was designed for photographers and creative businesses. Having said that, it can be utilised for any business. I have created sites for tradespeople and e-commerce, as well as my own.

But isn’t WordPress the best platform for websites?

WordPress without any shadow of doubt has a powerhouse of technical ability. There are over 50,000 downloadable plugins and 3500 GPL-licensed themes. WordPress powers 35% of the internet and 28% of all e-commerce is run though WooCommerce.

Having said that, unless you already have some back end knowledge of WordPress and coding, your site will quickly lose optimisation. Plugins require regular updates to maintain the performance and many businesses simply don’t have the time or want the responsibility. They want a website that works. Simple.

So why is Showit so great?

  • It is a drag and drop platform where the only limitation is your own imagination – anything is possible!
  • You can build an independent mobile view from the desktop, and view both sites side by side as you build. This is a massive bonus, as more people are browsing from their mobile as opposed to the laptop or PC.
  • The back end of your site is maintained in house by the Showit team and is covered within your subscription. You will not have to worry that your photos are taking an age to load, or something may require an update. The performance will not faulter!
  • Your blog will actually be powered through wordpress and hosted by WPEngine, the highest-rated WordPress host on Earth. You really can have both beauty and performance all under one roof!
  • The Showit help team are great! So quick, and responsive. There are also a wealth of easy to read tutorials to help you get to grips with the platform.
  • There are loads of free templates to choose from that are completely customisable and you can even sign up for a 2 week free trial to have a play to see if it’s the platform for you.

If you’d like to check out Showit, click here, and here for the different subscription plans they offer.

If you’d like some help getting your Showit website up and running click here for my service packages. I’d love to help create something beautiful and powerful for your business!

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